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Hi! I'm Kelly Balamuth, an Estate Planning Attorney in California
Without the right plan in place, your kids could be at risk. But, it's actually easy to do the right thing, once you know what that is. Learn the 7 must dos when naming guardians for your children.
Not all attorneys are the same. Get the answers on how to choose the best attorney.
  • What happens if you do nothing?
  • What if you don't write down your desires
  • How will the police know what your wishes are?
  • What about changes? Does my attorney do that?

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"It's tough for me to really express how grateful I am to you... I really felt cared for and protected through all this, and that is something that I'm not sure I would have had with any other lawyer. . . Without a doubt, I hold you in the highest regard and feel a perennial oweyouone... Thank you.”

Mr. Simon

"I appreciate how accessible you always were and the integrity with which your firm operated. Thanks so much to you and your staff.”

Mimi Z.

"I don't know if you understand Yiddish, but you have been a real 'mensch' concerning us. You gave us good solid advice that I really do feel has led us to the best probable result.... Having so little experience with attorneys in the past, I feel very fortunate to have found you and your firm.”

David C.

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